There’s a JCB Digger underneath the Round Theatre

…is just one of the many stories that surround the Stephen Joseph Theatre. For nearly a year after starting work here I thought the story to be true. A group of builders working on the renovation of our current Odeon building discover they can’t get their digger out, so what do they do? Leave the digger where it is and fill in the hole, digger and all!

I’m sorry to break it to you all but it’s a big porky pie!

There are so many stories, rumors and tall tales that have come from the sixty plus years that the SJT has been around that sometimes it’s hard to tell the fact from fiction. Perhaps with the beginning of a new blog site we can put some to rest but also impart some more which I hope I haven’t been as gullible enough to believe so that I then have to write a retraction on them!All shows plus SJT.jpg

Not only is there a rich history behind the SJT but also let’s not forget what’s happening now
and in the future. With a stunning Summer season just announced everyone is already busy booking tickets and I’m sure there’ll be some fun and exciting activities we’ll get to write and post about on here.

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