When the Film Crew Came to Town

In the autumn of 2015 stories of celebrity sightings and anecdotes began spreading across Scarborough, Bridlington and the East Coast when the star-studded Dad’s Army cast and crew marched into town. Michael Gambon and Bill Paterson even made time to come and visit us here at the SJT. But this wasn’t the first time a large scale British film has been shot on location on our coast.

As many locals will fondly remember back in 1997 regular sightings of Michael Caine, Ewan McGregor and Jane Horrocks were a consistent feature of daily life in Scarborough when the cast came to film the Golden Globe winning and Oscar nominated picture, Little Voice.

Since our announcement in February of our summer season w322-LV_title_webhich opens with the play that inspired the film, The Rise and Fall of Little Voice, it seems that everyone who lived in Scarborough during the filming has a story to tell! Our Box Office have been hearing most of them from enthusiastic bookers, keen to get their favourite seats early for what is set to be a colourful and vibrant production.

As we sat in a meeting and other members of staff began sharing their stories we all soon began to feel that we were truly bringing Little Voice home. Discussing these stories together brought back a heart-warming nostalgia for most and for folks like me who weren’t around at the time it gave a snapshot into the life of Scarborough and the impact the film had on our little seaside town.

This is when we had the idea to collate these stories and share them and at the same time give you the chance to share yours. We’ve created a dedicated page for our #LVcomeshome memories (click here to view) and we can’t wait to start filling it with all your recollections.

So, get typing up your stories and send them through to us! The best ones will get uploaded onto the #LVcomeshome Memories page and those lucky people will also get rewarded! We’ll send you a special discount code to use when booking your tickets for The Rise and Fall of Little Voice.

Send your memories through to me on alex.briggs@sjt.uk.com. And don’t forget The Rise and Fall of Little Voice runs from the 15th June until 19th August in repertory with the rest of our summer season. Visit www.sjt.uk.com for more details.

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