#LVcomeshome Memories

Kate Jenkinson, now one of our duty managers, was working in our box office when Little Voice was filmed in Scarborough. Kate recalls:

“I remember the actors coming into the theatre a lot and eating in the restaurant – I heard that Michael Caine said it was the best steak he had ever eaten! Jane Horrocks bought lots of books in our shop: she told me we stocked some fantastic plays.

We were all pretty starstruck, especially with Ewan McGregor and Jane Horrocks, but they just seemed very normal.  Brenda Blethyn was very chatty and, I seem to recall, I heard her do a speech in the Mac when we showed the film later.

They were here a lot, each day I think after filming, they would come to eat, then watch what they had filmed that day in our cinema.

little voice fire.jpg
Filming takes place on Trafalagar Street West, Scarborough

I heard stories of Ewan McGregor and his wife going to boogie a lot at the local club The Underground and people just thinking ‘he looks like Ewan McGregor’! Ewan walked past me as he was leaving the theatre one evening, and said goodbye:  I was speechless.  He was walking towards me in his leather jacket and I thought: “He’s looking straight at me, what do I do?!”  But he was quiet, polite and seemed a little shy.

I remember us all popping out of work to watch them film the scene where the house is on fire, down the road behind the theatre.  We were allowed to watch but had to be silent.  They were a fantastic cast and crew, all very welcoming and happy.”

Jeannie Swales, the SJT Press Officer decided to dig a little further into Micahel Caine’s claims of having the best steak ever and caught up with James Mackenzie. 

James was just out of the catering department at Scarborough Tech, and running the SJT kitchen along with James Cooper (now Food & Beverage manager at the Aldark Manor Golf and Spa Hotel in York), managed by Peter McFarlane.

Michael Caine ate in the SJT restaurant a few times, and on the famous occasion in question said to him:

 “James, can I just say… that was… the best steak I have had in years,

can I shake your hand !?”

James Mackenzie is now the chef/owner of the Michelin-starred Pipe and Glass at South Dalton near Beverley, which is also listed in the top 10 of the UK’s top 50 Gastropubs and was the Good Food Guide’s National Dining Pub of the Year in 2015 (lots more awards here: http://www.pipeandglass.co.uk/awards.aspx).